Wavelip Tech Solutions Corporation

We believe that the safety, reliablility, elasticity and redundance of the cloud provides you the right and most secure place to store your digital content. Through state of the art technology and solid partmerships we are able to provide you end to end solutions to handle all your information effecttively with useful features to enhance the user experience.

Social Responsability

Wavelip was conceived with Social Responsability culture. We believe that is never too soon to make a contribuition for a better world. In association with organizations who share the same vision for change, for every AllOrg subscription, Wavelip will donate a percentage to help projects aiming to solve problems like water pollution and ocean ecosystem recovery and protection. Waves for Water is one of the organizations that Wavelip will be proud to help.


Wavelip exists to create online solutions for our customers to take control of any type and amount of information they may wish to handle. We not only help them to store their content but also provide an intelligent easier way to organize and find anything, anytime, anywhere in large bulks of information.


To be the leading SaaS based website to store, organize, manage and find all kinds of files and emails in an efficient way in the cloud.