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AllOrg is Practice Management and Document Management with Intelligence

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Our Solution

We have redesigned the folder. Traditional folders are containers with names. AllOrg allows you to give your folders useful information to help you manage, organize and find your content. Our Folder Covers System makes adding details to your folders much simpler. Pick the Folder Cover that suits your needs or create your own. AllOrg folders can also be integrated into on-Premise or SaaS systems like Salesforce. Folder information is automatically and naturally used as a Metadata to classify and find your content.

No more paper. No more chaos.

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AllOrg Home Edition

AllOrg is the right place for you and your family to keep your personal files, pictures, emails, bills, songs, school work, medical records and whatever you want to store and find easily from anywhere.

Business Edition

AllOrg Business Edition

Business Edition

AllOrg provides everything your company needs to store Folder information, Files and Emails. Governance and features like Task List, Multiple Accounts, File Version Control, Auditing, File Recovery, Access Control, Folder Sharing, Billing and Timesheet provide you a sinlge complete and robust solution for your business.

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Practice Areas

With AllOrg Busines Edition you can select you practice area with fully customizable Folder Covers provided along with AllOrg's ability to create and your own Folder Cover that fits your practice. AllOrg is a complete end to end cloud solution for your firm. No need to deal with multiple vendors.

Law Firms Edition