Take Control of your Information.

Manage and find your Folders, Files and Emails anytime from anywhere with our patented method: AllOrg is your Practice and Document Management solution with workflow.

Computer with folders


Get your Folders, Files and Emails fully organized. Search and print useful reports from anywhere.

document with magnifying glass


Find your Folders, Files and Emails. Your content is easily avaialble for you.

folder with a key


The key to have everything under control such as your Emails,Tasks List and Workflow.


AllOrg is Wavelip's integrated Folders, Files and Emails management system.

Home Edition is the right place for you and your family to keep your personal files, pictures, emails, bills, songs, school work, medical records and whatever you want to store and find it easily from anywhere.

Home Edition features

Business Edition is the system for companies of any size to have all their digital content fully organized and searchable with convenience, security and timing in the cloud. With AllOrg, your workflow and ECM* are just a walk on the beach.

Buseness Edition features

*ECM - Enterprise Content Management

Practice Areas The power of the AllOrg Business Edition can be applied to practice areas such as:
- Law Firms
- Health Care
- Insurance
- Real Estate
- Financial Services
- Academic Universities.

Law Firms features